You take games too seriously.

My Podcast Gets Awesome After Hour Three


ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA – OPINIONS – Man, this has been a crazy week for videogames, right? But you’ve just been reading Kotaku, huh, poser, so why would you know? But you’re all like, oh, Totilo this, death of New Games Journalism that, but you have to really get it from the source. Oh, the source? Yeah, you should really be listening to my podcast.

Sure, I know you must have 10 or 12 games podcasts to listen to. Listen UP, Retronauts, Good Grief, and that’s just the shattered shell of post-rape 1Hearst. Sure, those guys are entertaining. They break down the news, they break down the opinions, they break down the reviews. They take what’s going on and they turn it into an entertaining but brief news-source. But that’s just in their first two hours. But what are they not offering? That’s right. Hour three.

That’s when you turn to my podcast. That’s right. “Ludology Wars Advance.”

Oh, but don’t turn our podcast off for those first two hours. Because, honestly, we haven’t gotten it all mic-checked. Or practiced. Because podcasting isn’t about that. Podcasting is about trying to get an exclusive preview via Skype with your bro who works at the QA for Wolverine. Not because the NDA expires then, but because he can’t afford broadband.

But after those first two hours, we get down to business. You know all your illusions about games? They’re shattered. Because it’s a business. That’s why we’re called “Ludology Wars Advance”. Also, you should buy a T-shirt. Seriously. They’re $14.95. CafePress puts out good stuff, it barely looks like it’s ironed on. Also, games are a business. And Kotaku sucks. I heard that from my bro. “Ludology Wars Advance” exclusive. But that’s just his opinion. We’re independent. Not like 1HEARST, those sellouts. They fired Shane.

Oh, shit? Has it been four hours? Rate us highly in iTunes, bros! Tune in next week. We’re gonna talk about how it’s hard to set up a group chat in iChat for 2 hours, then break open how independent games are, like, totally better than real games.

Shit, did we say real games? If we had a producer, we’d cut that shit out.

sam ryan


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