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Duke Nukem to Sponsor Microwave

"Nuke'em with Nukem!"

"Nuke'em with Nukem!"

Duke Nukem, known for his popular 1990’s FPS, Duke Nukem 3D, has signed a five-year, $40,000 contract with GE to lend his name and likeness to their latest home cooking line—the Duke Nukem Countertop Microwave Ovens.

The line, GE believes, will elevate their microwaves from a kitchen appliance to a dining room centerpiece. “The microwave’s sleek design will please wives that want the modern aesthetic,” said Mark Henderson, GE’s Head of Sales. “And it’s sporadic tendency to warp users into a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles filled with strippers and pig cops will please husbands that want out of their thankless marriage.”

When contacted about his latest business venture, Duke Nukem offered a typically brief response, “Groovy.” Pressed for more details, Nukem nervously scanned the room for his publicist, mumbling, “Shake it, baby?”

Along with the heat settings and a built-in timer, the microwave will also feature misogynistic content, graphic depictions of violence and cultural stereotypes. “Instead of a beep to let you know you’re food’s ready the microwave grovels ‘Suck it down,’” said Nukem, running a comb through his hair. “It’s real bitchin.”

“Originally we had plans to cut costs, just put Dolph Lundgren in a Duke Nukem costume and call it a day,” said Henderson. “But Duke said he’d work for scraps. He even moonlights as our janitor.”



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