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Will Wright Leaves EA, Stupid Fun Club for Hardcasual.net

Wright works best under heat lamps.

Wright works best under heat lamps.

After almost 12 years with video game publisher Electronic Arts and nearly 36 hours with creative think tank Stupid Fun Club, Will Wright, the man behind such games as SimCopter, SimAnt and Raid on Bugeling Bay, has made his second job departure in as many days to set up shop in the New York City office of Hardcasual.net reports the Washington Post.

Will Wright, who co-founded Maxis Entertainment, has never been one for coloring within the lines. “The double-switcheroo didn’t surprise me for a minute. I mean, consider how Will uses developer conferences to boast about his wild side,” said Wright’s lifetime friend Peter Molyneux, dryly adding, “His street racing career, his collection of rare 1st editions of French literature.”

Hardcasual’s Editor, Chris Littler, held a press conference out of his condo in Pasadena to calm investors. “You can trust us when we say this is Mr. Wright’s final stop,” said Littler, maliciously wringing his hands like a super-villain. Littler says it is important to note that Wright is done making video games. “Will’s sole responsibility is designing our banner ads.”

Wright was allowed to speak briefly with the press and called his work with Hardcasual “enriching,” though it is worth noting that when Mr. Littler stepped away from the stage to take a call, Wright knocked over his coffee as though to signal for help. Or for decaf.

As of this newspaper’s publishing that signal remains unclear.



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