You take games too seriously.

Office Source: Flash Game Sucks

The cube farm in more peaceful times.

The cube farm in more peaceful times.

YOUR OFFICE – According to Jim, the guy two cubicles away from you, the new Flash game being passed around the office “sucks”. The guy proceeded to add, “Bullshit. Fucking bullshit,” and “What the fuck? Fuck this game!”

Released to great fanfare in your office by the intern, your manager’s long lunch inspired a high score run among your office-mates. However, long after the rest of the office stopped playing, it appears that that Jim still has a bone to pick.

“Fucking level three,” he muttered, while the rest of you tried to continue working. “Hey! How do you get past level three? Where’s the key?” He was then heard clicking frantically while he unleashed a further stream of obscenities. “You guys, come on, give me a hand here. You can’t leave me this way. It’s not right. It’s just not fair.”

Marcia from Sales commented on the situation, “Yeah, Jim really doesn’t do well with stress since his wife left him. I hear him talking on the phone all the time to his shrink – I don’t think he’s doing too well. But man, there’s something about this game that’s really got him going.”

Sources say that about an hour ago, he went from cubicle to cubicle, asking if anyone had a cigarette, even though none of his co-workers remember ever having seen him smoke. Finally, when the graphic designer on the far side of the cube farm bummed him one, he was heard continuing to complain about the game.

When asked for a comment, the man said, “I don’t know how anyone can play shit like that. If I can just get past level three, I’m going to give that designer a piece of my mind. Damn kids in their basements, just a bunch of nerds. They should all be lined up and shot.”

The company’s HR director has stepped in to monitor the situation as it develops. Sources inside the HR office say that Jim appears to have recently gone off his medication, but that level 3 really is a little unbalanced if you don’t read the instructions.

sam ryan
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