You take games too seriously.

Obama: “We Have Targeted the Glowing Red Weak Spot on the Economic Crisis.”

I knew there had to be some way to kill that thing.

I knew there had to be some way to kill that thing.

This evening, President Obama announced to the country that his administration has located, thanks to a helpful user interface, the precise location to launch an attack on the growing economic crisis.

“Here is a richly detailed visual representation of our nation’s crumbling financial infrastructure,” said the President, pointing to a slide. “Now, if we zoom in here… You see the area? This blinky spot right here. That’s where we need to stab it.”

Members of congress on both sides of the aisle are already praising the President’s can-do, go-get-them attitude. A bill allotting twelve billion in emergency funds, dubbed the ‘Pointy Stick Act’, is expected to pass in both houses of Congress quickly.

The President, dressed in a full suit of armor, expressed his wish to lead the attack on the economic crisis himself. Barring any red tape, he will descend into the lair of the economic crisis near sundown on Friday.



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One Response

  1. Ben Abraham says:

    I heard that Obama’s plan involved “flipping it over” and attacking it’s “weak point for massive damage”.

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