You take games too seriously.

Kirby Devours Charlie Rose – Tonight on PBS

You'd be surprised the things you see on PBS.

You'd be surprised the things you see on PBS.

Tonight Charlie Rose welcomes Kirby to the program and asks the Super Smash Bros. star about what life is like in Dream Land, his partnership with the enigmatic Meta Knight, and the painful cancelation of his short-lived prime time sitcom, “Dedede and Me”. It is the first time the infamous pink puffball has agreed to be interviewed since he was arrested for felony possession of crystal and text messaging while operating a star.

In a can’t-miss hour of television, the normally taciturn Kirby opens up to Charlie before devouring him and the entire production staff in a grisly display of sheer gluttony. Having absorbed their skills, Kirby continues the interview by himself while simultaneously running the cameras and calling the shots from the booth.

Growing bored of his own softball questions, the adorable little black hole sucks in Charlie’s desk, the set, and everything else within a three block radius of the studio. Thankfully he stops short before tearing open the fabric of time itself.

Next week, permanent guest host Kirby welcomes comedian Dane Cook.



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One Response

  1. Alex says:

    You forgot those quotes around comedian, unless you are suggesting that Kirby’s comedic preferences suck.

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