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Madden 2009 Incorrectly Predicts Super Bowl XLIII Ads

Also, Brett Favre doesn't play for the Packers! Duh!


Also, Brett Favre doesn't play for the Packers! Duh!


TAMPA BAY, FL – In what has become a yearly event, fans, players, and press gathered today at a media briefing to learn the results of a simulation of the Super Bowl – as played out by this year’s version of EA Sports’ Madden Football. And, just as is the case during the broadcast itself, many turned their attention not to the game, but instead to the advertisements, so we’ve brought Ad Age’s Murphy Tompkin to discuss the simulated advertisements predicted by Madden ’09 for Super Bowl XLIII.

HARDCASUAL: Thank you for your time, Mr. Tompkin. So, based on what you saw today, do you think Madden got the Super Bowl ad predictions down this year?
TOMPKIN: No. It is my expert opinion that Super Bowl XLIII will have several advertisements, from various products. This game appeared to only have a few mentions of EA Sports, a brand I can safely say will not be advertising in Sunday’s game. The game also was missing any trace of the Bridgestone Halftime show, perhaps the crown jewel of Super Bowl marketing.
HC: Oh. Well, did they get anything right?
T: Yes, one thing. John Madden said the same four things over and over for three hours, and I didn’t recognize a single person on the field.

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