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Hardcasual Acquires Kotaku

Crecente cries salty, salty tears tonight

Crecente cries salty, salty tears tonight

Hardcasual acquired Kotaku today.  That’s one hell of a way to kick off the New Year. 

As you may know, Hardcasual is owned by Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud, Saudi Arabian oil prince and occasional enthusiast-press dabbler. So, when Christmas came around this year, we asked for the gift that made the most sense for us: a real website that people actually read.

Kotaku’s work over the past several years has made them truly preeminent in the industry – a collection of news, commentary, and gratuitous panty shots that immediately gained a passionate following. Kotaku brought together a team of unique voices the internet learned to know and trust.

On that subject, Brian Crecente and his crew at Kotaku are inspirations to us all. Unfortunately, we’ve learned that Gawker Media actually pays them roughly minimum wage, which is way outside the going rate at Hardcasual. So, we’ve had to let everyone go. 

So, Littler, Plante, Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud, and I will look forward to being welcomed as the new overlords of Kotaku. All podcasts have been immediately suspended until Prince Alsaud returns to host our new podcast, “Gamin’ Al-Waleed Style!” Any commenters opposing this new regime will be immediately banned. 



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7 Responses

  1. Ben Abraham says:

    Gotta love the automagically generated related wordpress posts. =P

  2. Sam Ryan says:

    We’ve also purchased Busta Rhymes and Ron Browz.

  3. Tim Seppala says:

    This was the only thing that was able to lift my spirits after the extremely disheartening news of the 1up/UGO merger and subsequent firings of senior staff members.

    Couple that with getting the axe myself from my online outlet and my print outlet trimming way the fuck back in order to maintain daily distribution, it has been a rough few weeks for me and many others freelancing and just being a journalist in general.

    Thanks guys,

    Tim Seppala

  4. cbebop007 says:

    Yeah, this definitely brings a smile to my face in light of this whole 1UP mess. Great post.

  5. nrXic says:

    I was trying to get Prince Al-Waleed’s assistance in buying out SEGA but I never got a response back. I’m not kidding.

  6. Rene Rosa says:

    Pretty damn hilarious lol

  7. […] if you are in need of teh lolz over this depressing news, please check out this hilarious post at Hardcasual, as well as the image Kotaku has been running with their 1UP-related blog posts. As a Star Wars […]

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