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Happy Holidays from Hardcasual

Happy Holidays from Hardcasual

Dear beloved friends and family,

Season’s greetings!

2008 has been quite a year for our family, as I’m sure it has been for yours. Before I get into all the nitty gritty details, I bet you’re all wondering, “Why in the heck is this letter from plain old boring Emily Schuff, and not from Angelinica Darkwood, Mistress of the Seven Moons, daughter of the tyrant Isiliador and former leader of the Bloodraven Clan?”

Well, it pains me to write it, but you should know that my beloved Angelinica met her end at the Intercon LARP convention back in February when she plunged the Dagger of the Undying into her own heart (the only way an immortal can perish) and left this world to wander the spirit realm for the rest of eternity. I won’t go into the specifics of why, but I think we can all agree that death makes a lot more sense than a lifetime of being possessed by the spirit of the rogue dragon, Lokin, who – in my humble opinion – is a chauvinistic creep with a poor grasp of game rules.

Alas, it was a startlingly abrupt end for a character that was very near and dear to this humble housewife’s heart, and I wish a class act like Angelinica hadn’t met her end at a dump like the Chelmsford Radisson, but David and I wanted our children to learn that what the Gamemaster says is gospel, no matter how misguided and ignorant he may be!

Moving on. Shortly after the Intercon catastrophe, David was laid off from his job at the button factory after twenty-two years of hard work and service. It was a major blow to this family of five, but our youngest son, Brandon, felt it the most. His Sephiroth costume requires an awful lot of button upkeep. Luckily, David pulled a couple strings and was back on his feet in a matter of weeks, just in time for NERO Middle Tennessee festival, where the whole Schuff clan was out in full force – including Uncle Mike and his new wife, Samantha (who make eerily convincing elven warriors!) and David’s cousin Ralphie, whose facial tattoos made him an instant hit with the ladies of the Southeast Virginia Viking Tribe. Unfortunately, our daughter Michelle had a “teenager moment” and refused to partake in the festivities, so she spent the entire weekend in the car. Suffice it to say, Michelle was back in character by the time the summer conventions rolled around.

Boy did this summer fly by in a frenzy of face paint and giant buckles! I tell you, I feel like I had barely finished glossing the family Iron Man helmets before it was time to hand stitch all the Joker outfits. The family had a great time at the New York Comicon, but were devastated to learn that our beloved corgi, Evangelion, had ingested a quart of spirit gum and died while we were away. We’ll see you in heaven one day, sweet puppy!

In October, Brandon took second place in his school’s annual Halloween costume contest. Of course, we all know his costume was the best, and the silly judges shaved a few points off because he’s been Sephiroth for the last four Halloweens, but in this mother’s humble opinion, a great costume is a great costume, no matter how many times you’ve seen it. Congratulations, Brandon!

This Christmas, the Schuffs will be sitting around the tree, exchanging gifts in our Full Metal Alchemist attire like we always do. It’s funny how comforting old traditions are, especially around the holidays. We will not be caroling this year, sadly, as David Jr. will still be recovering from the knock on the head he took a few months ago while play-fighting with his nun chucks at the Turkeyday LARP.

As for a New Years resolution, David and I are going to hit the gym so we can fit into the Rocky Horror outfits we wore at our wedding. Can you believe it’s been twenty years already!?

Happy holidays,
The Schuff Clan



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