You take games too seriously.

20 Things a Gamer Shouldn’t Say in Bed

Never Mistreat Your Princess Peach

Never Mistreat Your Princess Peach

20.) Mind blowing in the cartridge?

19.) I can’t wait to tell my clan about this.

18.) Is that a trance vibrator in your pocket?

17.) It’s not my fault the controls are broken.

16.) A, B, A, C, A, B, B

15.) I haven’t had this much fun since Goemon came stateside.

14.) “More like ten shitloads.”

13.) Finishing the main quest.

12.) I’m about to display some blast processing.

11.) Don’t you hate grinding.

The top 10 after the jump…

10.) Achievement unlocked: “Virgin 2.0”

9.) Zergling rush!

8.) Shh! My raid can still hear us!

7.) How do I invert your Y-axis?

6.) I call it “Active reloading.”

5.) Can you hold these flowers and call me ‘Cloud?’

4.) Tits or GTFO

3.) Green Wizard needs Boobs badly.

2.) That’s not a bug, it’s a feature

1.) First!


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3 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    Forget that manifesto, I’m convinced we need a “Humor Symposium” – like Shawn and company are having, except entertaining.

  2. Ben Abraham says:

    I’m quite partial to a #4 myself. =P But I think you missed one:

    “I put on my wizard cloak and hat.”

  3. Roy says:

    Genius – Numbers 3 and 13 definitely deserve a test run.

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