You take games too seriously.

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  1. […] Hardcasual returns with a bang, as CliffyB explains how to save games journalism: “How did I, Cliff Blezinski, become CliffyB? Kitchen-squats. And when Cliffy B didn’t bed a dozen women a night, what’d he do? Juiced pheromones out of dominant apes and slurped them like a friggin Diet Soda. Cliffy B takes action. So when folks get upset about New Games Journalism, the Cliffster fixes it. He fixes it because he cares. He fixes it and runs twenty miles to tame his gluts and then he fixes it again.”. Thanks, Cliff! Also, L4D’s Tank on the economic crisis. […]

  2. Thanks! I usually don’t laugh this early in the morning. I may feel a little twinge of remorse when I set the Tank on fire and pump him full of shotgun rounds, now.

  3. _roscoe says:

    how inconsiderate of me. the tank is just like one of us.

  4. Cfar says:

    absolutely classic
    dont think ive read something that funny in years.

    You are a seriously funny guy

  5. harrison schaerr says:

    it’s been a long, long time since i’ve laughed at anything in written form on the internet.

    Well then, I guess it’s back to 4chan.

  6. Danilo Linhares says:

    Absolutely brilliant xD. Long time I don’t laugh so hard with a text, too.

  7. Tom says:

    Absolutely fantastic, thanks for making my monday morning that much bearable :)

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