You take games too seriously.

Items Considered for “50 Cent: Blood in the Sand” Before Settling on Jewel-Encrusted Skull



50 Cent: Blood in the Sand has had a long, troubled road to its January release. Dropped in the Blizzard-Activision merger, players almost never had the chance to play the rollicking and timely adventure, in which 50 Cent takes on the majority of the scary brown people from “unnamed middle eastern country” to win back the JEWEL ENCRUSTED SKULL he was promised for playing a concert.

You see the part I’m excited about. But Hardcasual can reveal exclusively today that the Jewel Encrusted Skull you seek was not, in fact, the development team’s first choice. A leaked internal memo has revealed the iterations that the game went through, and in the interest of spreading some knowledge about the genius that went into this game, we’re publishing it in full.



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  1. This is even better than the CliffyB post. Heh.

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