You take games too seriously.

Prodigal Fun

Welcome back!

Oh, hello there.

After an atypically temperate summer, two new jobs, a typically brief fall, a trip abroad, a trip to the dungeon, a new president, a holiday game deluge, an (continuing) economic recession and a delicious turkey dinner, we’re back. Time to strap back on the training wheels.

I’ll allow Sam to catch you up on his whatnots, but in case you’re curious or simply have a lunch break to waste, here’s a brief run down of the whatnots all my own. In July, I took up shop with UGO.com as an associate editor, and, into August, produced a musical called Rewrites.  With fall came a one two combo of firsts in the form of Tokyo Game Show: my first videogame show and trip to Japan. And then there was November where I reviewed a few games, played a few games, ranted, raved, played a few more games and reviewed a few more games. I kept the reviews quite subjective, which is the trend de joeur, but also happens to irritate the occasional reader.

Now, I’m back for some personal blog action with Hardcasual. Who says you can’t learn to love again? Really, I promise we won’t leave. This won’t be like last time your ex came home for Christmas, you two fooled around for the weekend and she gave you her your new cell phone number with a few incorrect digits.

Sam and I’ve got a stack of holiday games to dig through, so hopefully you’ll let us bend your ear on some titles that have begun to wane on their four month two week bell curve. Have you heard of this Mirror’s Edge game? Oh, and I’m reviewing a DS title called Chrono Trigger. Never heard of it, but folks say it’s pretty good.

So, to all you folks that couldn’t bring yourself to delete our RSS feed, thank you. And to all you folks that were just too lazy to delete it, we’re back! Don’t delete us!


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this is a blog about video games by chris plante, sam ryan and chris littler.

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"BEST OF HUMOUR... Hardcasual is the magic mirror for gamers who aren’t afraid to laugh at themselves, and each other."
- Gaz Deaves, Video Games Records Manager, Guinness Book of World Records

"I liked Hardcasual when it was serious. Then they made a joke about me and turned into a comedy site. Now I like them even more... These guys are like The Onion of video games."
- Stephen Totilo, MTV Multiplayer Blog
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