You take games too seriously.

Priming the Pump

Hey, guys.

We still exist, and we’re hurt that so far only Softcore Gamer has inquired after our safety. Chris and I got all tied up with the whole “graduating from college” thing, found some jobs in the industry, and promptly forgot all about this whole blogging gig.

Well, we’re ready to get back into it. Soon. We think.

Until then, why don’t you add me on Xbox Live (gamertag: onthestereo), we’ll play some Castle Crashers, and Chris and I will talk about it. And other things.




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2 Responses

  1. Margot says:

    IIIII inquired! But I guess I’m not a leet enough game blogger.

    Do the kids still say leet?

  2. Larke says:

    I told you two that you suck at blogging. Which is my way of inquiring.

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