You take games too seriously.

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This week’s login as guest flips roles: Hardcasual’s the guest at GameSetWatch.

How did this madness come to be, you might ask. Well, if you read our About page, you’ll notice our three best traits:

1.) Charming
2.) Witty
3.) Available for freelance

Simon Carless at GameSetWatch recently took me up on the last.

Now, if you’re not getting enough Hardcasual in your diet, you can check out GSW on Tuesday’s for my columnm, “Why We Play,” which will examine the titular statement – I’m a simple man.

My first post went live Thursday. It considers how we spiritually connect with our games, much like how gardeners spiritually connect with their Bonsai trees. Sounds a bit crazy and interesting? It’s definitely a bit of both. I also mention my Hardcasual article, Baby’s First Sword, about Ninja Gaiden as an educational device, and dig a little deeper into games as tools.

Quick, follow that hot link! – COLUMN: Why We Play – ‘In the Name of God’

I’ll still pull my weight at Hardcasual, just think of this GSW column as adding a whole-grain muffin to a well-balanced breakfast.



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6 Responses

  1. margot says:

    i do love whole grain muffins.

  2. Great. Now I gotta click around to get my Chris Plante videogame blog fix. I miss when things were simple.

    Also, congrats!

  3. Veiletamaleta says:

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  4. Kelvin71 says:

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  5. Merlin48 says:

    No one argues over whose oppression wins the high score, who has a right to exist, or whether my existence is a bad thing. ,

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