You take games too seriously.

Welcome to Indie Games Week

The 8-bit (check it and see) header says it all:

This is Indie Games Week.

We’re going to be talking about Passage, Gravitation, Aquaria, You Have To Burn The Rope, and maybe a little bit of, say, Fez, or Super Velociraptor Safari. Hell, maybe even Webkinz, if Chris starts getting on his super-casual high horse again. (Chris’ Note: If the people want to read my Human/Animal Relations thesis on virtual pets, who am I to withhold?)

So stay tuned, because we’re not spoiling anything, besides the fact that Chris has a number of thoughts about Passage / Gravitation creator Jason Rohrer, and Sam has any number of fights to pick with the indie world and those who talk about it. Look forward to a week of the unfamiliar, the unexpected, and the undeniably brilliant (because we’re writing it, natch).

– swr


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