You take games too seriously.

HardCasual Dot Net: We’re Official!

You can now get your daily dose of HardCasual at HardCasual.net.

Of course, you can still find us at hardcasual.wordpress.com, but hardcasual.net sounds so bona fide!


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6 Responses

  1. Sam Ryan says:

    that banner looks like an NES rom site from 1995.

    … which is perfect!

  2. ctplante says:

    Success, I was going for the NES!

  3. C$ Hunt says:

    Woohoo! Go blogs that look like they are actually updated!

    Might want to work out the double banner thing you’ve got rockin’ at the moment. I think Hardcasual only needs to be seen once.

    I dig it. And I will be back here often. Haunting the comments section. Boo!

  4. ctplante says:

    I don’t know how to get rid of the first header.
    Oh nos!

  5. Larke says:

    Y’alls better update often. Unlike certain colins I shall not mention whose blog has been moved to the never updated folder on my computer.

    There are also a couple of yours in there.

  6. Sam Ryan says:

    don’t worry, that damn banner is not long for this world.

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"BEST OF HUMOUR... Hardcasual is the magic mirror for gamers who aren’t afraid to laugh at themselves, and each other."
- Gaz Deaves, Video Games Records Manager, Guinness Book of World Records

"I liked Hardcasual when it was serious. Then they made a joke about me and turned into a comedy site. Now I like them even more... These guys are like The Onion of video games."
- Stephen Totilo, MTV Multiplayer Blog
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