You take games too seriously.

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  1. […] we’ve touched on Super Smash Brothers: Brawl for its jukebox-like, malformed narrative, we haven’t talked about the more interesting thing: its much-loved fanboy history […]

  2. Ampersand says:

    Hey, at least in the first SSB you got to fight that “Master Hand” thing…that made sense, it was you, a video game character masquerading as a child’s play thing, fighting your master, you, the person playing with the child’s play thing…can you not see the implications? Man versus Creator…these gaming icons were fighting God, on their own terms, so long as God as Hand didn’t bitchslap the shit out of you…see, that was deep. SSBB single player just doesn’t have the existential implications of such a grand endeavor. Or maybe I’m just reading into this.

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