You take games too seriously.

My Girlfriend Has a Better Game System Than Me


Yesterday’s iPhone SDK Announcement is going to change the games industry. And the mobile web industry. And… Just about everything else. Seriously.

With this announcement (if you’re under a rock – free development kit, $99 fee to have a license to distribute software, 70/30 revenue split with Apple), Apple turned its locked box of genius into the simplest platform to develop and distribute beautiful games on. Ever.

Anyone can make an iPhone application – and for a mere $99 dollars, they can distribute it to anyone who has an iPhone, or an iPod Touch. That’s a lot of people, across a wide variety of markets. Businessmen, socialites, nerds, my girlfriend, the dishwasher at my work who bought a (supposedly hot) one and who I am constantly jealous of – all these people are your audience.

This is where Chris will come in and say “but what about XNA“? And I agree – what about XNA? That development kit has been in the wild for what – a year and a half? And totally free, as well, with a similar pricing structure (but, note, no way to sell your games, or guarantee of a marketplace)? And their big announcement is that you can play your games on Zune?

 Apple, who has never been a gaming company, just slam-dunked Microsoft on their home court. While Apple has ignored PC gaming and Microsoft has made one idiotic plan after another to fight PC gaming’s inevitable death (or perhaps just sea change), Apple got it.

 Just like I want to play my music everywhere, just like I want my email everywhere, and just like I want my phone everywhere, I want my videogames everywhere. And if I can get all those things in one box, and if that box can utilize some pretty unbelievable tech, that’s the machine I want.

 The question, though, and this is where I’m looking to you, Chris… What does this mean for the casual / hardcasual / hardcore divide? Will the low cost of entry mean that we’ll see every kind of title? Or does, even moreso than a DS or a Wii, the market and the technology within mean we’re going to get plotless shovelware?

 We know there’s a full version of Spore on the way (what’s the sound of two clouds of vaporware colliding?), which is better than the DS can say. And to be honest, the best game I have ever played on the DS is a little title called Professor Layton and the Curious Village (which I’ve finished, and my subway rides are not the same without it), which uses a flimsy story to push you through a much looser, more clever version of Brain Age.

 What kind of games do you want on your iPhone? What kind of games will they make for the iPhone? And how awesome will iPhone OS Peggle be?


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